What to expect?

Shimmies and smiles!  Students learn how to creatively and confidently express themselves with traditional and sensual movements from the Middle East.  The benefits of this low impact dance exceed muscle toning, strengthening, and flexibility allowing students to gain strong friendships in a stress free environment.  Students are provided with music used in class and a print out of original and exciting group choreographies with performance opportunities at Amala Gameela’s benefit haflas and student showcases.  Whether you’re looking for a new way to exercise, a ladies night out, further your dance training, or polish your technique, Amala will help you attain your goal.

Amala is very knowledgeable and fun! She offers so much in terms of the history of the dance, workshops, and choreography. She is always eager to answer questions and an approachable instructor. Amala is awesome! -Alaine Dougherty

What will I learn?

Dancers of all levels will learn how to express themselves through traditional Middle Eastern movements and acquire an understanding of various Middle Eastern cultures.  Students will improve their technique, musicality, and skills with simplified movement explanations and individualized attention. 

Why study with Amala Gameela?

Amala is a talented and passionate Middle Eastern dance artist.  Although there is no true, and few credible belly dance certifications, she takes her dance education and training seriously, continues to study with renowned professionals from across the world, and has completed several Egyptian dance certifications with Sahra Saeeda.  Amala is certified in first aid and CPR.  She is a sought after professional with an extensive background and experience…so don’t let her youthful appearance and spirits skew a preconceived judgment.  Amala remains devoted to her students and enjoys coaching them to create their very own belly dance style while keeping their personal goals in mind. 

What to wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable dancing in, preferably a form fitting stretch top and pants (yoga pants) with a hip wrap so that Amala can easily see where your movements are coming from.  Dance shoes (ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or dance sandals) are suggested but not required. 

She really makes an effort in knowing us and discovering our strengths and weaknesses so that she can help us improve individually. She was quick to respond to emails, very amiable, and always encourages us to learn more about different dancing styles and the culture. I felt like Amala knew more about Middle Eastern dance, music, history, and culture than my Middle Eastern friends! -Jennifer

What to bring?

Water bottle, hip wrap, props if needed (veil, zills, sword, cane, etc.), and a smile.

When and how to sign up?

Classes are scheduled in sessions with weekly classes meeting consecutively every week at the same time and location.  If the session has already begun it’s not too late to sign up!  Registrations and payments are handled through the facility hosting the class.  See facility details described with listed contacts.

Am I the right age?

Amala enjoys teaching dancers of all ages from teens to seniors.  She does not currently teach children’s classes and prefers students to be at least sixteen years old. 

Am I the right size?

There is no right or wrong size to belly dance.  Dancers of all shapes will sculpt and tone their bodies while gaining strength, stamina, energy, poise, and grace in a welcoming atmosphere.

I have an injury, physical, or emotional complication, can I still participate?

Belly dance has a reputation for being one of the safest exercises for healing with strength training although all students must have permission from their personal physician to participate.  Amala personally recovered from a back injury, while involved in competitive sports, through belly dance by regaining core strength and flexibility.  Belly dance is also a great way to gain self esteem, build friendships, and find your inner beauty.

When can I move to the next level?

Amala will help you decide which class is right for you.

Students do not progress from one level to another immediately. Amala prefers that most beginner students attend beginner classes weekly for at least four to six months before progressing to a more advanced class.

Even if students have attended belly dance classes in the past Amala prefers all students to start studying with her in her beginner classes first to familiarize themselves with her technique, terminology, and repertoire of basic belly dance movements.

When can I perform?

Dedicated students are invited to perform after several months in Amala Gameela’s haflas and student showcases. The more you put into class and practice, the more you will get out of class and the closer to performance ready you will be.

Do I have to perform?

Of course not however, Amala provides fun and memorable performance opportunities to those prepared and eager students, with all students able to escape the stresses of everyday life, enjoy exercising, and explore culture.

If you have other questions, or are interested in private or group private classes and coaching, please contact Amala for pricing and availability