Learn how to creatively and confidently express yourself while experiencing an exhilarating way to exercise with sensual movements from the Middle East. Amala invites students to explore traditional Egyptian and Near East movements, music, and culture while utilizing nearly every muscle and joint in the body to improve strength, coordination, balance, and grace with emphasis placed on proper posture, hip articulations, and body isolations. Her background of various belly dance styles surpasses the traditional, beautiful movements and reaches deep into the rich culture, the historical background, and eclectic music. Topics include specific instrumentation and rhythms, appropriate costuming, musicality, culture, expression, and stage presence. Amala Gameela is anxious to share her love and knowledge of belly dance with dancers of all ages, shapes, and levels in a positive atmosphere.

Amala Gameela regularly features her dedicated students, collectively known as Amala Gameela’s Dancers of the Caravan, at her benefit haflas and student showcases.


Amala is not currently offering weekly classes.

Amala Gameela is honored to be recognized as a seasoned performer and instructor.

Amala Gameela is available for private and group private classes, and coaching, please contact her.

For more information about classes with Amala Gameela view her Freqently Asked Questions regarding Classes.

Amala Gameela’s Dancers of the Caravan 2005