Abzahrah is a Professional Middle Eastern Dance Company based in Bethlehem who captivates and enlightens audiences throughout the tri-state area at various charities, festivals, theatrical shows, concerts, educational presentations, and cultural celebrations.  The company’s sensational performances present modern, traditional, and folkloric Middle Eastern ethnology, music, and dance with flowing veils, rhythmic finger cymbals, dazzling canes, sparkling swords, feathered fans, and shimmering candles.

Abzahrah was founded in 2008 by Amala Gameela and is comprised of her most talented, enthusiastic, advanced dancers who are dedicated to preserving, studying, and sharing the beauty, culture, and art of traditional and authentic Middle Eastern Dance.  Each member has their own individual flair, is a featured creative soloist, and participates in innovative small dance ensemble choreographies with other company artists in addition to professional performances with the entire company. 

Whether you’re looking for a full staged theatrical show, a cultural lecture and educational dance demonstration, an entertaining belly dance lesson and vibrant performance, or an exquisite troupe of interactive dancers to spice up your celebration, Abzahrah will transcend your guests to a beautiful oasis through the art of Middle Eastern Dance.

Highlight performances include: St. Luke’s Hospital Charity Ball, First Night Hazelton New Year’s Eve Party, Touchstone Theatre productions, East Stroudsburg University’s cultural celebrations, Delaware Valley College’s Arabian Nights, Mayfair, Musikfest, and Middle Eastern educational shows at Penn State campuses, to name a few.

Allow Abzahrah to take you on an enchanted carpet ride with friends, family, and fun at your next special occasion!

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Meet the Dancers

Amala Gameela, Founder and Artistic Director, is a sought after performer, enthusiastic instructor, and event producer who presents traditional Middle Eastern dance with beauty, passion, culture, and professional artistry. She strives not only to entertain, but also educate audiences of all ages with the company’s unforgettable performances. After every show she is thrilled with how Abzahrah has grown as a company, as individual dancers, and always looks forward to their next performance together.

Noorah is a fiery and captivating performer who draws her audience in with her warmth and obvious love of the dance. She has been studying Middle Eastern dance under Amala Gameela since 2007 and has also had the opportunity to learn from other fantastic teachers, including Suzanna DelVecchio, Mohamed Shahin of Cairo, and Katalin Schafer of Hungary. As a founding member of Abzahrah, Noorah has performed in many festivals and haflas, as well as shows for charity and cultural education. She says that the things she most appreciates about her time spent belly dancing are her friendships made with fellow dancers and the sense of self-confidence that the art of dance has instilled in her. When she’s not dancing, Noorah’s real name is Jamie and she is a trained chef with a passion for baking and pastry. She is grateful to have the chance to dance and to have friends and family that inspire her every day!

Daisy is a whimsical performer with graceful movements leaving audiences wanting more. She has been belly dancing since 2003 and her other interests include writing, cooking, and especially eating. Dancing with her lovely friends in Abzahrah has given her some of the happiest moments in her life!

Carmen is a delightful and compassionate Middle Eastern Dance Artist. She has been studying under the talented Amala Gameela since 2008. She has furthered her studies under the inspiring Mohamed Shahin and Katalin Schäfer. Carmen has been an integral member of the Abzahrah Middle Eastern Dance Company since 2009. The dance company is dedicated to sharing traditional Middle Eastern culture and dance. Carmen has a passion for performing and teaching the art of belly dance. Carmen is currently teaching bellydance at Quiet Heart Yoga. Learn more at http://www.quietheartyoga.com
When Carmen is not dancing she is following her other passion of holistic counseling. Learn more about her practice at www.rcgcounseling.com Carmen is the proud mommy of her son Aven who motivates her to be her best.

Serayah is an alluring and charming performer engaging patrons with sensual shimmies and contagious smiles. Her belly dancing journey began in 2006 as a student of the talented Amala Gameela and she has since become one of the original members of Abzahrah dance company. Her studies have continued with internationally acclaimed Middle Eastern dance artists such as Mohamed Shahin, Sahra Saeeda, and Katalin Schaffer, as well as other local and tristate instructors. Her training, enthusiasm, and love of this beautiful art form allows her to express her individual style while maintaining the authenticity and rich culture of Middle Eastern Dance. When not practicing or performing, Serayah is a caring and empathetic critical care nurse, who practices with her BSN at a local level III trauma hospital. She is ecstatic to be a member of Abzahrah, and looks forward to expanding her dance repertoire with the company while continuing to foster the friendships that have blossomed with this amazing and talented group of women. Come see Serayah and the rest of Abzahrah preform locally at various venues, or have them dazzle guests at your next special event!

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