Classical Egyptian Dance Series with Amala Gameela

Event Date: Jun 6 - 27, 2017 | The Honolulu Club: Studio 1 | View Map

Amala will teach you how to dance like an Egyptian Star!
…with Samia Gamal’s graceful arm paths, Suheir Zaki’s sharp accents, Fifi’s naughty shimmies, and much more. Each star had their own unique musical interpretation and their very own trademark movements.

After over fourteen years of studying Middle Eastern Dance Amala is an advocate of preserving the traditional art form and looks forward to sharing her love and knowledge of classical Egyptian dance. She will take you through the evolutionary stylings of this dance from Badia Masabni in the 20’s to Dina in the 90’s and show you how to integrate classical elements into your own dance. No matter what style of dance or music moves you, these iconic women and their art of dance will always be inspirational and empowering. They paved the way for us as performers, entertainers, and artists.

This series will run 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings in June from 7 -8pm
Sign up and register at the front desk.
$10 for members/ $15 for nonmembers